Sunday, May 6, 2012

Animal Planet Farm Bucket Great for teaching about animals and rugged play!

Animal Planet Farm Bucket
Animal Planet Farm Bucket

  • Includes all the favorite animals on the farm
  • Bucket great for storing neatly away animals
  • comes with additonal accessories
  • Bucket of farm animals

  • Fun Fun Fun Our daughter loves this Barn Yard Party! She is constantly playing with the animals and can put it away in the bucket herself. There are a few animals that are the same though.
    Great for teaching about animals and rugged play! I purchased this for my four year old son who has Autism. We use them to work on receptive labels for animals identifying animal sounds and recently he has begun using them in his sandbox for pretend play.
    Decent bucket of chunky animals Pros Animals are a good size for small hands and are not a choking hazard for babies. There's a good variety and more than you'd find in other packs of farm animals for the price. They are sturdy and the quality of plastic is decent.Cons The trees that are included are not farm trees they'd go better with a set of jungle animals. The rocks that are included are worthless and a choking hazard I immediately threw them away. You can definitely tell where the two halves of each animal come together and are glued. I bought two sets the foal doesn't stand on it's own in one set but it does in the other so the workmanship isn't consistent. Instead of the terrible rocks I wish they would have included a rooster duck and/or chicken to round out the collection of farm animals.Overall my children enjoy playing with them. We bought the
    not pleased I am very disappointed. It said they were high quality but they are a cheap plastic. They look like animals you can find at the dollar store. It also said thy were realistic but the dog and goat were the same size as the adult cow and horse. I would not spend this much money on this quality of item. You are better off spending a little extra money and getting a really nice set at Lakeshore.
    passionate about animals!! By A Customer = Durability2.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun5.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational4.0 out of 5 stars  if youre child loves animals then they will love ALL of the ANIMAL PLANET bucket of animals.
    Good Toy at a very good price My son loved the toy. This is one of the best toys I have bought for him. The only problem I had was that my miniature french poodle chewed the legs of a couple of the smaller animals.Had no problem with all the big animals which make the most of the bundle. I highly recommend this toy.
    farm animals By A Customer = Durability5.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun5.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational5.0 out of 5 stars  I was slightly disappointed with the set for one reason. It labels itself as farm animals but yet there are no chickens roosters cats or ducks. How can you have a farm without these? I felt they could have eliminated the duplicate animals and included these instead. They have trees and rocks in the set that should have been hay and piles of different types of feeds for the animals. Also in our set the donkey would not stand which makes my son very upset. The mold seems to be bad. Other than that the size and quality of the animals are great especially for teaching kids what they animals look like. Including male and female was also a good idea. I would have also like to seen the duplicates taken out and different types of cows beef dairy black angus or horses put in instead.
    farm bucket big hit! I bought this for my 2 1/2 daughter who loves horses and cows. The price is great and the quality is upstanding. we have been searching for farm animals for her to play with and this is perfect she lines up all the mama animals with their babies! hours of fun and she uses her imagination.
    Farm Bucket My 18 month old and 4 year old received both the farm bucket and safari bucket at Christmas. It is a huge hit and much more played with then some of the more expensive toys they received. It is March now and they still play with these every day! It is also a good toy for them to play together because there are plenty of animals for both of them. Other children that come to play always play with these too.

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    Saturday, May 5, 2012

    Papo 55001 Tyrannosaurus Dinosuar is painted brown.

    Tyrannosaurus

  • Papo dinosaurs are exquisite
  • Measures 6.5" tall
  • Featured in realistic gray green color
  • Has an articulated jaw
  • Mix and match with other Papo dinosaurs

  • We have a TRex It's not so much a toy as it is a statue. Great mold. A must for Jurassic Park fans!Basicly a recreation of the last shot from the movie.
    GREAT toy but check the dimensions! This dinosaur is great. I love it that his lower jaw moves my son loves it when I open the mouth and Rawrrrrr!! Unfortunately I was a dummy and went by the product pictures only and didn't look at the exact dimensions. It's a lot smaller than I thought it would be. The picture with the Dino w/ spiderman in his mouth fooled me! He's only about 7 inches tall. I'm keeping it because it's a great toy but was definitely looking for a larger dinosaur.
    Superb Just a GREAT Trex!I notice some reviewers disliked how erect he stands.So I took a T shaped push pinplaced it to a good depth in the tailand he now stands more like Scientists believe he would have.the feet did adjust to his new levelHe does not tip overand seems much more natural.Mine is for display please DO NOT put a pin in a childs toy!!!!!Regardlessthe detail and effort put into this Rex is Awseome!I plan to collect several of Papo's Dinosaurs and personallyfeel other versions fall short.
    money well spent!! this toy was more than i expected! it is a very durrable material and the detail is amazing.
    Great product but shipped damaged by Amazon The detail on this model is great. Very happy with the overall quality and detail. Unfortunately Amazon shipped a damaged product with a gash in its back showing through to the plastic. This was to be a gift but I am not going to give it as it is damaged. A shame that Amazon shipped damaged product 4 days before Christmas. I've generally been happy with the care taken but they missed on this one.
    Great detail flexible but not completely durable. I can't be too harsh because both boys love this Trex I am pretty disappointed in the quality. It is Not made of the same stuff that I adore in Schleich and is a bit too flexible making the joints on this Trex weak where separate parts are placed into the solid middle part.
    3 Year old LOVES THIS Our three year old is into dinos and he LOVES this and he takes everywhere with him it is very detailed and so far has held up well. Not as big as i thought but still he loves it.
    Dinosuar is painted brown. The Tyrannosaurus I received was painted brown instead of green. Edit Brown is the new 2012 color scheme I preferred green as it better matched Jurassic Park.The lower jaw can come off without too much pulling a concern if you are giving this toy to a toddler choking hazard.
    TRex looks great!!!
    trex Santa brought this for my grandchild who wanted an authentic trex skull. She was very pleased and announced that it even has a dewclaw.

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    • Papo Stegosaurus
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    Friday, May 4, 2012

    Playskool Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur Overpriced!!!!

    Playskool Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur
    Playskool Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur

  • Plays 4 different adventure-themed tunes for immersed, make-believe fun!
  • Convenient volume control switch. Maximum weight is 60 lbs.
  • Dinosaur figure comes with leafy snack and instructions
  • Animatronic, life-size baby dinosaur stands over 3 feet tall and comes to “life” with realistic sounds and motion!
  • Responds to your voice and touch with roaring and laughing sounds, and expressive tail, head, eye, mouth and horn movements.

  • Just a piece that takes space I bourhgt it to give it to a nephew. Then I realize it was not fair for all so I kept it home and it is just taking space. My nephew did come for Thanksgivng but he was scared he played with it for a few moments but really lost interest. I bought it because I thought it moved at least a little. But no the horns moveeyes and that is all. I regret paying so much I want to get rid it of for at least half.
    Kota dinosaur I recently purchased this for my 16 month old and he is in love with Kota.. he scratches it chin and likes to sit on Kotas' back. I highly recommend this toy its unique and fun.
    Playskool Kota My Triceratops Dnosaur I purchased this item for my 1yr.old son. Which I thought he would get a big enjoyment out of this item. I was so wrong. He is now 3yrs.old. he plays with the dinosaur every blue moon. I only paid $95.00 for this item at target.I wouldn't dare waste anything more than that for this item.
    Great Toy! We bought this for my 3year old dinosaur crazy little boy for christmas this year and he loves it! I actually didn't order it from Amazon but I do love AmazonI bought it off of craigslist for $75 If you put something in his mouth he chews it like he's eating it If you roar/grunt at him he roars/grunts backhe burps if you leave him on unattended he falls asleep If you pet him he kind of purrs and nuzzles Oh and his horns actually move! My son doesn't sit on him that much but he really likes playing with him. Great toy! It is worth 7580 but I wouldn't have paid $300+ which is the current Amazon price.
    Kota We got this at walmart for a great price for my then 3 year old niece. She loved it immediately and still plays with it at 5. Its very durable as its survived three moves and 10/11 year old boy cousins.
    We love Kota! My older son got Kota for Christmas back in 2008 when he was about a year and a half old. Since then we had another child. They both love Kota. I am amazed that Kota has not broken given that he does have some moving parts mouth tail eyes horns and legs although he does not walk. For the first year or so we had to manually help my son rock to move Kota up and down since my son wasn't quite heavy enough. That isn't a problem now at age 3.5! A wonderful toy all his friends who come over love Kota too.
    One of the best toys I've ever bought! I bought this dinosaur for my son for Christmas when he was 3 yrs old. My son is now five and I still haven't had to change the batteries and believe me he gets plenty of use! My son changed Kota's name to Elliot and he's like a pet in our house. My son LOVES Elliot! He's very durable and well worth the money I spent on him I was prepared to pay $200 but found him on sale for $99 at ToysRUs about a week before Christmas. Elliot is a hit with everyone who visits our house young or old. I can't say enough good things about this dinosaur.
    Triceratops Dinosaur My daughter loves dinasaurs and when she was little she always talked about them. She is 19 and we saw a similar version of the one I purchased at a local Toy store but this is so much better. I got it for her dorm at college and she loves it. I wish they had it around when she was little. It is a little pricey but well worth the expense if a child loves dinasaurs. It is well constructed and interacts with a touch of the hand. I really don't know how it will hold up under the hands of a little one but it is very sturdy and well made with lots of different responses with a simple touch. Much better than a just a big stuffed toy.
    Kota is great and you can save a ton when buying it 2nd hand My son just loves Kota. I can't say anything bad about this toy though there was no way I would pay $350 for it. I found our Kota on craigs list for $50 from a family whose son was scared to death of Kota so he never used it but once. The Kota we got still had the original batteries in it and after almost a month of use is still working. I'm sure there are many Kota toys out there looking for a home as ours was. When we picked up Kota not only was my son excited but the little boy who was scared of it was very happy to see it go.
    Overpriced!!!! I went in on this as a gift for a friend's son. What a huge disappointment. It was great the first 30 minutes then it just stopped working. Our friend had to spend time the following week to try to get it working againthen it would just stop again. The stitching in the seam also started popping after just a few days. We ended up having to send it back. My friends wished they would have listened to me when I told them it looked like an over priced piece of trash. Better off finding less expensive itemsthis thing didn't even hold his attention for very longperhaps because it didn't work.

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    Thursday, May 3, 2012

    Wonder Electronic Roaring Action Figure

    King Kong 8th Wonder of the World Electronic Roaring Action Figure
    King Kong 8th Wonder of the World Electronic Roaring Action Figure Read more...

  • Press his Chest and Kong Roars!
  • Flip Switch for Chest Pounding Action! Kong's Mouth Opens Wide with Maximum Rage!
  • Kong Stands Over 11" Tall! Includes 3 Mini Action Figures!
  • From the Hit Movie!
  • King Kong 8th Wonder of the World Electronic Roaring Action Figure!

  •

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    Wednesday, May 2, 2012

    12 Assorted Plastic Dinosaurs figures Just a little smaller than expected

    12 - Assorted Medium Sized Plastic Toy Dinosaurs Play set figures.
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  • These vinyl dinosaurs are a great addition to any collection of prehistoric beasts. Assorted colors and species.
  • A fun collection of toy dinosaurs that every kid will love!
  • dinosaurs measure 3-4 inches long
  • 12 assorted dinosaurs per bag
  • Hours and hours of kid fun!

  • Too Many Duplicates I was hoping to receive 12 different dinosaurs but 4 of them were duplicates so I only received 8 different kinds. They all stand well without falling over but were smaller than I expected. My 8 yr old daughter loved them though and thats all that matters.
    Just a little smaller than expected While the quality of some of the dinosaursespecially the carnivorous oneswas unimpressive some of the dinosaurs look very nice and I'm glad I found these for our birthday cake. I would definitely recommend it for cake decorations and in lieu of many smaller dinosaur party favors just for the slightly larger size and detail of some of the dinosaurs.
    assorted medium sized plastic toy dinosaurs play set figures my grandson loves these. He has named each one and calls them his baby dinosaurs. we have big ones that he calls the parents.

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    • Vinyl Mini Dinosaurs (72 count) Was very pleased. I was very pleased with this purchase. There were 24 different kinds of dinos in the pack and there were exactly 3 of each kind. I am using them for cupcake toppers and they were the perfect size. The ...Read the full

    • Neat-Oh! ZipBin Mini Dino Play Set
    • Neat-Oh! ZipBin Mini Dino Play Set Too small This is the same great toy that the large size is but I recommend you pay more and choose the big playscape. It is so captivating and coupled with your own quality dinosaur models makes such a gift of ...Read the full

    Tuesday, May 1, 2012

    Dozen Jumbo Dinosaurs inches long These are okay.

    Dozen Jumbo Dinosaurs up to 6 inches long
    Dozen Jumbo Dinosaurs up to 6 inches long

  • Choking Hazard -- Small Parts Not for Small children under 3yrs.
  • 12 assorted per bag

  • Son's loved them We have a 4 year old and 1 year old who LOVED these they are made well and hold up to just about anything except a german shepherd. But they have the names of the dinosaurs on the bottom and were very colorful and detailed very great buy.
    Dinosaurs My son age 3 received these for Christmas and he LOVES them. They have kept him entertained for extended periods of time. He carries them all over with him. We enjoyed looking up the names of the dinosaurs and what they liked to eat.
    Dinosaurs These dinosaurs are of very poor quality. They were nothing more than something one could pick up at the Dollar Store. I was very disappointed with this purchase and too humiliated to give them as a gift.
    Fun for tots Grandsons like to play with these dinosaurs four and almost three years old. I thought the names of the dinosaurs were supposed to be imprinted on the bottom of the toy but all I found was made in China. Therefore to fulfill educational value you would have to have another source to identify the type of dinosaur.
    Not as expected Toys are rather small and poorly painted. The eyes and other fine details appear to be a play school craft project They do look durable though.
    assorted dinosaurs I bought the dinosaur assortment to go along with zip bin Dinosaur toy for my 3 1/2 year old nephew. It was a Christmas gift. My order arrived in time. I mailed the gift to their home and I was told that he really liked the zip bin and dinosaurs.
    quality of toy i recently bought these dinosaurs for my 2yr old. let me tell you i was very dissapointed when i received them yesterday. first instead of being a dozen different dinosaurs there were 6 identical pairs. second the plastic that these dino's are made of is very very hard and the way that these are made they have sharp points and spikes and and even the tails are pointed hard plactic something that can easily poke a little childs eye.
    These are okay. My son who is almost 4 was thrilled. They don't look realistic and several don't stand very well. They are small but we use them with our other dinosaurs as baby dinosaurs. We did get 2 of the same but all the others were different. Overall it's not the best quality or large at all. I wouldn't recommend it for an older child with higher expectations.
    Dinosaurs These are much smaller than I expected and than they appear in the picture. My two year old still enjoys them but they are quite a bit smaller than expected.
    cheap cheap cheap Seems like there are mixed reviews on this item. I ordered it hoping for the better set of dinosaurs that seemed to be out there. This set was really cheap. Five of the dinosaurs wouldn't stand up on their own the ones designed to stand on their hind legs. The feet of several of them have large plastic discs underneath indicative of cheap plastic molds. Also they are quite small. The VERY longest dino was 5 inches the rest averaged 4 inches. They were all different species at least. I was planning to give them away as party favors for my 2 year old's birthday but they are just too cheap. My particular package also came opened and missing one of the dinosaurs which luckily allowed me to return the crap. This isn't what was pictured at all but it does match the company name it also included some weird and cheap plastic trees.

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    • Touch and Feel: Dinosaur (Touch and Feel)
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    Monday, April 30, 2012

    Dinosaur Play Store Big Box My nephew loved this

    Dinosaur Play & Store Big Box
    Dinosaur Play & Store Big Box

  • Easy to clean up
  • Ttransports kids to the wonders of prehistoric times
  • Features 3-D terrain, a playmat, and a menagerie of prehistoric beasts.
  • Portable plastic tub
  • Take along on trips

  • The best box of dinosaurs I've ever purchased! This box of dinosaurs is great! My son and I play together with them for hours. He's learning what kind of diosaurs they are and you can see his imagination going wild every time he opens the box! The box is handy because you can take it with you wherever you feel like having some prehistoric fun. Not for kids under 3 as there are alot of small pieces.
    FUN FUN FUN THis toy was great but basically the same as the Animal Planet Dinosaur playland. My son loved both of them. The other review here said it was just an empty box!!! Boy is she wrong.
    YEARS OF FUN! I bought this two years ago for Christmas for my daughter when she was 4. It's still one of her favorite toys. She can sit and get lost in this little world for a long time while learning about the different kinds of dinos. The best thing about it for me is that it comes with a plastic box to keep everything together. To this day all the pieces are together while other sets are scattered in different containers. It's been well worth the money.
    Wonderful Box My son has tons and tons of fun with the dino box. He stands on it pushes it across the carpet opens it up and looks for treasure even hides in it. However he couldn't understand why when he first opened it there were no dinosaurs inside. I had to explain to him that it was just a dino box. He loves it anyways.
    My nephew loved this There were a lot of dinosaurs and my nephew plays with this all the time when he comes over.

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